How to Take Care of Your Permed Hair?

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How to Take Care of Your Permed Hair?

How to Take Care of Your Permed Hair?

How to Take Care of Your Permed Hair?

30 Sep 2021

A perm is a chemical treatment that may leave your hair curled or wavy for an extended amount of time. Depending on how quickly your hair grows and how you manage it, it can last up to six months. Hair that has been permed must be handled and cared for differently from hair that has not been permed. If you want your perm to last.

We'll discuss why you can't wash your hair for 24 hours after receiving a perm, which is a well-recognized but mostly uncontested truth regarding perms. The reason for this is that hair requires time to settle after perming, and if you wash your hair too soon after perming, your curls are more likely to destabilize.

The soaking of hair in alkali during the perming process contributes to the permed hair's instability. Natural hair is relaxed in an alkali bath before being permed to open up the hair cuticles. As a result of the opening of the hair cuticles, the perm chemicals are better absorbed into the cortex of the hair, making it simpler to control and shape the hair.


However, the process of making hair more flexible also makes it more unstable. This is because natural hair is somewhat acidic, and soaking it in alkali disrupts the chemical connections between its constituent protein molecules for a short time. These interactions are essentially what gives your hair its shape, and perming reshapes your hair into your desired curls by effectively breaking and enabling these interactions to rebuild in new configurations.

However, time is necessary for these interactions to settle once your hair has been molded into lovely curls and excess perm chemicals have been washed away. Given that hair is slightly acidic by nature, the reformation of these interactions will unavoidably take longer, as your hair will most likely be slightly alkaline post-perm, which is why we have a 24-hour no-wash rule.

However, the time it takes for the hair to settle entirely has been proven to be 48 hours. We recognize that leaving your hair unwashed for two days isn't ideal, which is why most hairdressers recommend at least 24 hours instead.

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How to Prevent Frizzy Hair in Your Perm

To minimize frizz and knots, it's necessary to maintain your new style, just like any other curls. Here are some tips for keeping your new curls frizz-free.

Treat your hair as though it were curly by nature.

A perm causes your hair to behave as if it were naturally curly, which implies it should be treated as such. Shampoos and conditioners designed for treated hair should be used. This will not only prevent and reverse the damage, but it will also extend the life of your perm.


Moisturize and condition

Your hair will most likely be damaged after the perm, just like it will be after any chemical hair treatment. When you shampoo, be sure you apply a conditioner. You may have a deep-conditioning treatment to give more moisture to your hair if it's a touch frizzy. As a leave-in conditioner, Moroccan oil is fantastic.

Heat Should Be Avoided

Straightening and blow-drying your hair can loosen your curls as well as cause frizz and damage. You avoid damaging your beautiful curls, be sure to use enough hair heat protectant. If you must blow-dry your hair, do it once it is nearly dry and use a diffuser to retain the curl without the frizz.

We hope you've found this to be an informative session!

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