Monthly Guide By Urbanhair Part 1: A Guide to Fashionable Perms for Men and Women

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Monthly Guide By Urbanhair Part 1: A Guide to Fashionable Perms for Men and Women

Monthly Guide By Urbanhair Part 1: A Guide to Fashionable Perms for Men and Women

Monthly Guide By Urbanhair Part 1: A Guide to Fashionable Perms for Men and Women

27 Aug 2022

Have you thought of getting a perm? You can get all the facts you need right here. Before selecting to get a perm, you must be aware of its specifics. Then, we'll discuss its background and the many stylistic possibilities.

How do perms work?

In Asia, where it never really stopped, the famous perm fashion from the 1980s and 1990s that was popular in the US and Europe is now more well-liked than ever.

The technique that causes the hair to break and then grow in new wave patterns is known as a "permanent hairstyle," or "perm." The hair stylist will begin by encircling the rods with hair. She then applies a chemical solution to break and destroy the hair's natural connections before reshaping it with the rollers. Later, she would iron them to give them form. The two main forms of perm are cold perm and hot perm (also known as digital perm).

The traditional, often known as the "cold perm," releases the bonds holding the hair together by applying an alkaline solution (ammonium thioglycolate). You may apply it directly to the roots because it's cooler to achieve that 90s curled appearance.

The digital perm uses a temperature-controlled rod system and infrared heating to produce the desired volume, waves, or form.

What is the expected time frame?

A perm will last between six and twelve months, in our experience. It is based on three things:

1. The sort of curls you are producing.

2. The quality of your care for them.

3. The curls were made by a skilled hairdresser.

When it comes to curling kinds, the looser they are, the faster the curls will fade. If you choose to begin with tight curls, the perming results will last longer. With time, the waves will seem wavelike but will really get softer and less defined. This will give you two different appearances throughout the year, which may be a really exciting idea.

Another significant aspect that influences the longevity of a perm is maintenance. Keep in mind that your hair is curly now that it has been permed, and you should treat it as such. We suggest regularly moisturizing them with items like argan oil, for instance. In addition, to revive the hair connections, we advise applying a hair mask once or twice every week. Utilizing products designed for curly hair is crucial.

Another tip for preserving curl definition for a longer period of time is to steer clear of heat-styling products as much as possible. Of course, for at least two days after getting a perm, you shouldn't wash or bathe your hair.

Hair perming now seems more natural thanks to inventive advancements in hairstyle engineering. There are a variety of perm alternatives on the market right now, depending on the length of your hair, your style, and maybe even your mood. We're here to help you through all of the alternatives that various salons may offer you.

Standard perm

WhatsApp Image 2022-08-25 at 11Image Credit: XHS

The initial permanent hair procedure, sometimes referred to as the cold perm, goes by that name. Depending on the type of curls you want, the size of the rollers that are wrapped around your hair may change. The hair will then be treated with a chemical solution by the stylist to create curls.

This technique has the advantage of being appropriate for all hair types and causing little to no bond damage to the hair. The foundation of the solution is an alkaline one. Since it employs less heat than conventional perming methods, the perm may be applied closer to the scalp, beginning at the roots. If you enjoy retro hairstyles from the 1980s and 1990s, you may use this method to create tight curls that seem like gorgeous, bouncy ringlets.

The results will usually stay longer for up to a year due to the curls' capacity for tightness and bounce. Even after six months, the curls will still be extremely distinct and bouncy, even though they will probably lose some of their tightness over time.

There are now organic hair perm variations available that use less chemicals and lessen hair damage. ideal for persons with extremely sensitive scalps or pregnant women.

Digital Perm

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Very well-known and well-liked in Asia for the two digital perm variations that are the Japanese perm and the Korean perm.

This method uses rollers that can produce heat and a chemical solution to produce lovely, soft, and natural curls. The gorgeous curls seem unique and loose at the ends of the hair. Because it provides Asian-type locks with these bouncy curls at the hair's ends and emphasizes the dramatic aspect of the haircut, this specific form of perm is highly well-liked in Asia.

Versions of digital perms from Korea tend to be somewhat curlier and more suited for long hair. With shoulder-length hair, the Japanese haircut looks magnificent and will seem more natural.

C-Curl Perm

Currently, one of the most well-known and widely used hair perm styles is seen most frequently on Asian actors in dramas. This particular type of permed hairstyle is appropriate for hair that is shoulder length or shorter and features a natural appearance and stylish hair volume. The C moniker references to the C-shaped shape that the hair's terminal curls create. The C may be changed to the inside or outside of the haircut, depending on your desired option.


Korean  Perm

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An acidic solution is applied to the hair, which is then wrapped around heated rods. The reaction will cause the disulfide bonds in the hair to break. The results will generate curls that are soft and bouncy and vary in tightness according to the type of rods used.

In comparison to cold perms, this technique results in curls that are more bouncy, soft, and natural-looking and require less maintenance over time. However, this technique is frequently only used on the hair ends and is not recommended to be used for a full head perm since the heat might hurt the scalp.

The current and popular hot perm is digital perm. It results in softer curls and looser hair ends. It includes various well-known perming procedures, including the widely used Korean and Japanese perms.

Another choice is a wave perm. The waves in this hot perm style are loose and flowing. When used on shorter hair, it creates a softer look.


Cold Perm

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On the other side, the ammonium thioglycolate-containing alkaline solution used to make the cold perm is applied. The protein structure of the hair will alter as a result. After the perm, the stylist will rebond the hairs and restore the pH of the bond by adding a neutralizer solution to the bond.

Compared to a hot perm, this technique is frequently less damaging and cheaper. Although the results won't stay as long as a hot perm, the tighter curls will still appear less natural.

Here are some ideas and several perm designs for men:

Japanese-style short curly perm

Asian men with thick, coarse, black hair are the ideal candidates for this short, curly, Japanese perm. It often portrays a shaggier appearance to accentuate the distinct characteristics. Because the perm eliminates the need for blow-drying, gel styling to get a sophisticated appearance is considerably easier.

Korean Men’s Style Perm

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It is less curly than the Japanese one and is currently quite stylish. Asian men look wonderful wearing it. The fine, sensitive hair type is better suited for this Korean perm hairdo. The hair will get structure and texture with this Korean perm, making the style simpler.

However, you must blow dry them first before styling the hair if you want to constantly attain that K-pop star image. With further practice and helpful guidance from your hairdresser, you can succeed. After the perm, your hair will be far simpler to manage and style than unpermed hair, and it won't even come close.

Curls with an undercut

Great for hair that is mid-length or shorter since, unlike curly perms, it doesn't shorten the length of the hair overall. On top, you may make a cascade of loose waves. This softer look may be styled without much difficulty.

This hipster haircut will give your hair much more character and depth. It is very well-liked by Westerners and could look well on Asian men with fine hair. However, to maintain the appearance throughout the day, this curly undercut haircut requires significant styling skills and attention. The undercut creates a highly appealing overall style by giving most guys a neat look on the sides and a somewhat untidy look on top. It may be appropriate for faces with square or thin features, with lengths ranging from 2 to 4 inches.

Curly Fringe Perm

Our preferred haircut for men with thick, curly hair is this one. It just needs hairspray and pomade to retain its full body and proportions, so maintenance is minimal. It has a great appearance and is popular among many males.

Because it requires the least upkeep and styling knowledge compared to other hairstyles, this men's perm is the most popular. With a top length of two inches, the finest first step to a perm style for short hair is incredibly informal and suitable for all hair types.

Posted by Darren Tan