Blowing Your Hair Dry In A Correct Way

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Blowing Your Hair Dry In A Correct Way

Blowing Your Hair Dry In A Correct Way

Blowing Your Hair Dry In A Correct Way

09 Jun 2022

We realize how inconvenient it is to have to blow dry your hair every morning, especially when it doesn't look half as beautiful as a professional blow-dry. Here are some common blow-drying blunders to avoid.

1. Your hair is dripping wet

Before using a brush to blow dry your hair, it should be 65 per cent dry. Put down your hairdryer and consider towel drying or air drying before blow-drying if you're starting your blow-drying just after you get out of the shower. Frizz and heat damage is reduced as a result of this.

Allowing your hair to air dry for a few minutes before blow-drying helps to cut down on the time and effort required for the actual blow-drying. As a result, you won't have sore arms at the conclusion of it.


2. Your blow dryer's temperature is set too high

While utilizing the highest setting on your blow dryer may speed up the process, the heat is harmful to your hair. In the long run, using such a high temperature will harm your hair.



3. You're not blow-drying your hair in the proper direction

Many of us begin blowdrying from the ends and work our way up, but this method causes your hair to become frizzy and flat. It is preferable to begin from the root to the tip. Start at the front of your hairline and raise your hair up from root to tip using a brush. Follow the direction of the dryer with your brushing, repeating strokes from the root to the tip until your hair is completely dry.


4. You're not dividing your hair into sections

If you have long and/or thick hair, you will almost certainly wind up with a knotted mess if you try to dry it all at once. To get the ideal blowout, divide your hair into three or four sections and go through each one individually. 

Posted by Darren Tan

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