Should I dye My Hair with Fantasy Color?

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Should I dye My Hair with Fantasy Color?

Should I dye My Hair with Fantasy Color?

Should I dye My Hair with Fantasy Color?

18 Nov 2021

Who doesn't adore the thought of infusing their style with a colorful splash of excitement and pizzazz?? Getting a fantasy hair color might be an excellent way to inject some excitement into your style! Additionally, fantasy hair comes in a wide variety of styles, making it simple to discover something you enjoy! There is something for everyone, from a single-color accent to a whole head of multi-color explosion!

It's really simple to select a fantasy style that appeals to you; however, discovering the appropriate fantasy style for you individually is quite another story! While they may be a lot of fun, they can also be rather costly and time-demanding. This is not to scare you away from the style; rather, we want you to be completely prepared to go on such an incredible experience! There are so many models available at a range of pricing and upkeep levels that you are certain to find one that suits you, your schedule, and your budget! That is precisely why we are here! To assist you in distinguishing between various fantasy types and guiding you toward one that works for you!



The highlighting technique is an excellent approach to combine two colors and make them seem spectacular! Additionally, it alleviates the tremendous upkeep effort and commitment associated with a full head of fantasy color. Additionally, highlighted fantasy color fades much less noticeably! This is an excellent approach to add an extra wow element to your appearance that is highly personalized to your frame and haircut without taking a large leap of faith. Fantasy highlights are the ideal method to infuse your style with a new wow-factor without breaking the bank and yet achieve a unique look!


Complete Fantasy

The entire fantasy is your ideal hairstyle's hail Mary, dramatic declaration! This choice will enhance the vibrancy of your full head of hair and create a statement! An all-over dream might be as simple as a single hue or as vibrant as the complete spectrum! This look is quite popular on Instagram and Pinterest, and for good reason! It looks incredible, but it requires a significant amount of effort and upkeep! To complete this dream style, a significant chunk of the day is required. All of your hair should be bleached, toned, and then colored completely.

Due to the length of time required to get this amazing appearance, it is significantly more expensive than the other alternatives. Additionally, the whole fantasy demands extensive at-home upkeep to avoid premature fading and to maintain its brilliant color! Additionally, the entire process must be performed every six to eight weeks! Despite maintaining this dream style will need time and money, your hair will look incredibly stunning!

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Maintenance Products That You Need

When it comes to locking in that color and keeping it, we always recommend Aveda and Mucota! These two reputable companies provide selective shampoos, conditioners, and serums all geared toward color protection! If you wish to renew or improve those colors, Urbanhair advises the products that are right for you based on your hair type and the color results you've obtained.

Which Fantasy Color Is Your Favorite?

A very typical constraint on the sort of dream color you should have is workplace regulations! Most workplaces let a little amount of fantasy color, such as highlights or balayage, but not a full head! Another thing to keep an eye out for while wearing a complete fantasy is the daily appearance! A fully realized fantasy nearly usually requires extensive makeup and a styled ensemble to look decent. Makeup is almost required to complete the magical appearance! If continually applying cosmetics is a little too much for you, consider a fantasy highlight or under hair color when you want to add color!


Each of these approaches is an excellent way to fulfill your fantasy wishes; you simply need to pick the one that works best for you! Conduct research and work more efficiently, not harder! It's always a good idea to discuss your game plan with your hairstylist so they can assist you along the way! After all, it would be awful to have blue hair and then desire yellow, only to wind up with green! If you're serious about getting a fantastic dream look for yourself but don't yet have a stylist, we'd love to help you here at Urbanhair by Ginrich! Furthermore, we provide complimentary consultations in which you may come in and discuss a fantasy decision with a professional!

For additional information or to arrange an appointment for a hair transformation, contact us at 6737 7813.

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