Professional Colored Hair Care Tips!

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Professional Colored Hair Care Tips

Professional Colored Hair Care Tips

Professional Colored Hair Care Tips

25 Nov 2021

Nothing beats getting out of the salon with beautifully done hair and color you adore! Whether you've been wearing the same hue for years or it's a whole new look, it's always exciting to experiment with different colors and cuts that compliment your complexion or correspond with the seasons.

What's never pleasant is the harm that dyeing your hair may inflict. Split ends, brittleness, dryness, and fading are not uncommon among ladies who color their hair frequently, so don't panic! Urbanhair has created a brief guide on caring for your gorgeous colored hair.

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Color Safe Shampoo & Conditioner:

If you want to color your hair or already have color in it, you must use color-safe shampoo and conditioner. We highly suggest Aveda or Mucota Shampoo and Conditioner. (They're fairly priced and aid in the restoration of damage!) Color-safe shampoos and conditioners can help your color last longer and maintain your hair lustrous, silky, and luscious.

It's also preferable if you can locate a color-safe shampoo that is sulfate-free and alcohol-free. Most shampoos include sulfates and alcohols, which can cause your hair to become dry and lifeless. Sulfates and alcohols are highly harsh on your hair and will likely cause your hair color to fade soon. If you want to get the most out of your color, you must use the right products!

Purple Shampoos:

If you adore your ashy blonde hair and want to keep it looking great between salon sessions, purple shampoo is a must-have. Purple shampoo is a special shampoo that includes just enough purple pigment to offset brassy, gold, or yellow tones in your hair. (We recommend the Aveda purple shampoo.) If you're a brunette with highlights or balayage, this is a great product for you as well.

You may use purple shampoo just like regular shampoo, but keep it on for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing.

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Masks and deep conditioners:

Whether your hair is damaged or not, deep conditioning masks should be a regular component of your hair care routine! Including these gorgeous items in your everyday regimen will ensure that you always have healthy, lustrous locks. Deep conditioners are really simple to use; simply apply the conditioner to wet/damp hair and leave it in for 10 minutes before rinsing! You may even sleep in it if you wish; just make sure to cover the pillow with a nice cloth.

Healthy Habits!

Developing excellent hair practices is an important aspect of keeping your colored hair healthy. Chemically treated or colored hair is more prone to damage than virgin hair, but maintaining a healthy hair routine will keep your locks looking fantastic! Small modifications can have a big influence on the health of your hair.

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Slow down on the shampoo:

It's tempting to think that because most of us shower every day, we also need to wash our hair every day. However, this is not the case! Washing your colored hair on a daily basis may lead it to become brittle and dry, which is something no one wants. Although it may appear strange, most hair care specialists would advise you to wash your hair three to four times each week.

Washing your hair too frequently might deplete it of the natural oils it requires to be moisturized and lustrous! If you have dry, damaged ends, a smart first step toward restoring them is to wash less frequently. Dry shampoo is also an excellent technique to avoid your hair from becoming excessively oily in between washes.

Trim Those Ends!

Regular trims might assist if you have a lot of split ends or damage. I know it's difficult when you're trying to grow out your hair, but getting regular cuts may actually help your hair grow quicker and healthier! It is impossible to repair split ends after they have occurred, but getting rid of them every 6 to 8 weeks with a haircut will help maintain your hair healthy overall.

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Avoid UV Rays:

The sun naturally lightens your hair and also breaks down chemical bonds in hair color, causing your color to fade. Wear a beautiful hat or use UV-protective hair products to protect your hair from sun damage.

Avoid the Heat!

I know this is a no-brainer for our Singaporeans, but it is especially important if you have colored hair. Because colored hair is delicate after being treated and dyed, using hot appliances like flat irons on it may cause further and unneeded harm.

This is especially true in outdoor locations when it's hot outside, therefore I recommend finding some no-heat styles that work for you! Try to let your hair natural as much as possible, let it air dry as much as possible, and restrict your use of hot tools to once or twice a week.


Keep Chlorine at a distance.

It's vital to keep your color-treated hair away from chlorine, especially if it's blonde! Chlorine is a harsh chemical that may leave your hair appearing dry and drab. Furthermore, chlorine may turn blonde hair green, and it is quite difficult to remove the green tones after the harm has been done.

If you spend a lot of time in the pool, we recommend having your hair wet before jumping in and applying a leave-in conditioner! This will help prevent chlorine out of your hair, although it is not completely effective.

Use cold water to wash!

Most people dislike taking cold showers, but washing your hair with cold or lukewarm water is the greatest method to preserve your color from fading. Hot water expands the surface area of the hair strand, allowing your hair color to exit more readily. A cold-water rinse is also known to add luster to your hair.


Thank you for reading!

I hope you found these hair care recommendations useful! Your hair is a vital component of how you display yourself to the public; it's crucial to maintain it and keep it looking beautiful! Check out more of our blog posts if you have any queries about how to care for your hair that weren't answered here.

Come by if you've ever had your hair done by Urbanhair! We'd be delighted to assist you in finding your ideal appearance.

Call us at Tel: 6737 7813 for more information or to schedule an appointment for a hair transformation.

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