Men's Top Ten Hair Care Tips!

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Men's Top Ten Hair Care Tips!

Men's Top Ten Hair Care Tips!

Men's Top Ten Hair Care Tips!

11 Nov 2021

Hair is a vital part of a man's appearance. There are so many options - when to cut it, how to style it, and what products to use – that it can be difficult to select what's ideal for you.

Urbanhair is here to assist with a list of tips for all of our male customers! We'll guide you through the fundamentals, such as daily maintenance, enhancing the health of your hair, growing your hair out stages, and style advice.

1 - Dry Your Hair Properly

By the conclusion of the list, you'll be prepared to create the most efficient hair regimen possible.

To begin, here are the Fundamentals.

If you're like the majority of men, the first thing you do after you exit the shower is grabbing your towel and massage your hair dry with it. Put an end to it, guy; do not do that.

When your hair is damp, it is extremely prone to damage, and rubbing it with a towel leads it to get stuck in the towel's threads, stretching the hair until it breaks, resulting in split ends and increased frizziness.

Rather than rubbing your hair dry with the towel, shake away excess moisture and gently pat your hair dry in the direction it normally grows.

Additionally, use caution when blow drying your hair. The BEST method to dry your hair is to let it air dry if possible; but, if you must blow dry, use the lowest heat setting possible and stop drying when you feel heat on your scalp, even if your hair is still somewhat moist. (This will save you from suffering unnecessarily from heat damage.)


2 - Take it Slow with the Heat

We briefly discussed utilizing the low heat setting on your blow dryer in the previous paragraph, but minimizing any usage of heat is critical for a fantastic men's hair regimen.

While taking hot showers is wonderful, especially when the weather is chilly, hot water can cause harm to your hair by stripping it of the natural oils that keep it moisturized. Take advantage of the hot shower, but try to keep your hair as far away from the heat as possible.

Again, the BEST approach to dry your hair is to let it air dry; but, if you must use heat, use it sparingly and avoid over-drying!

3 - Avoid Wearing a Cap Every Day!

While I'm sure there are plenty of males who wear hats or caps on a daily basis, you don't want to overdo it. Wearing caps too frequently can cause damage to your hair and even hair loss, as caps exert an excessive amount of force on your hair's roots. Wear your headwear as loosely as possible and alternate between wearing them and not wearing them.


4 - Please Avoid a Comb-Over hairstyle!

Guys, if you approach a lady with a comb-over, I promise her initial reaction will be to RUN. Therefore, if your hair is thinning on top but still has a decent volume of hair on the sides, do not attempt to conceal the bare places by combing your hair over them.

Rather than that, select a hairstyle that suits your thinning hair. A buzz cut or a crew cut are excellent choices for guys who are experiencing hair loss. Try a fresh cut and determine which one works best for you!

5 - Avoid Excessive Hair Product Use.

While utilizing products such as gels, pomades, and clays is necessary for achieving the desired style, applying too much product can make your hair seem absurd and heavy.

When it comes to selecting products that are perfect for you, you must consider the texture of your hair as well as your specific styling preferences

There are so many men's hair product alternatives that it may be difficult to find something you like without spending a fortune, so here's a brief review of the many sorts of men's hair products available:

• Gel – Creates a wet appearance that lasts. It's a product with a high sheen and a strong grip

• Wax - Without a doubt, wax secures your hair in place. Because it is an oil-based product, it is more difficult to remove from your hair.

• Pomade - Pomade is excellent for creating nostalgic appearances while also imparting a high sheen. Pomades, on the other hand, typically have a weaker grip than other items.

• Paste - If you have medium to long hair, paste is a suitable alternative for you. They often have a medium sheen and a medium grip.

• Muds & Clays - Muds and clays are drier and less shiny than other products for men's hair. Muds and clays come in a variety of strengths, from low to high, and everything in between.


6 - Extend Your Hair.

Growing short hair out to a gorgeous flowing mane is a lengthy, unpleasant, and difficult process for men and women alike! Choosing to grow out your hair is a significant commitment, and you should be certain that it is something to which you are committed.

Additionally, you want to ensure that having long hair complements your lifestyle. Long hair needs a little more effort to maintain than a short haircut, so tread cautiously!

Are you willing to devote additional time to hair care in your regular routine? Are you willing to comb it out, invest in better shampoo and conditioner, and schedule regular trims to maintain healthy ends?

If this is the case, ready yourself for the uncomfortable stages of growth. While you're attempting to grow out your hair, the greatest thing you can do is accept it. You'll need to remain dedicated to the process even if your hair looks terrible and you're at a loss for styling ideas.

If you're wondering how long to let it alone to develop, we recommend giving it a year before determining what to do with it next. It will appear weird for a few months, since different portions of your hair will be at varying lengths, but I guarantee it will improve! Throughout the process, you may experiment with numerous styles such as ponytails and man buns to choose which ones you prefer!

7 - Refrain from being Cruel with your Greasy Hair.

I understand your need to get into the shower and scrub the live daylights out of your greasy hair, but please try to avoid the violence. Scrubbing your hair/scalp excessively can activate the oil-producing glands in your scalp, causing them to create more oil than normal. Additionally, as previously indicated, avoid putting really hot water on your scalp! This can result in damage to your hair and skin, as well as to the glands responsible for maintaining the health of your hair.


8 - Get Trims Frequently!

If you're not going to let your hair grow out, it's ideal to have it trimmed every six to eight weeks to avoid split ends and damaged hair. I guarantee that if you get your hair cut frequently, you will notice a change in its health. (Yes, even if the trim is only a baby trim.)

9 - Avoid Working Against Your Natural Hair.

Maintaining the hairstyle you wear the most frequently becomes considerably easier when you refrain from coercing your hair into performing what you want. For instance, if you want to part your hair to the side, separate it on the side of your head where your crown is, as this is the natural direction for your hair to split.

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10 - Become Familiar with Your hairstylist.

While you may find excellent hairstylists anywhere, once you discover one you like, you should treat them as a vital resource for all things hair. The greatest method to determine if you have a fantastic stylist is to listen to their recommendations. This means that a great hairstylist will take the time to listen to your desires and provide recommendations based on your objectives and hair texture/type.

You want your hairstylist to propose products and techniques that will assist you in replicating the appearance achieved via their art at home. Additionally, you should always bring images of what you want and what you don't want to your visits. Arm yourself with knowledge at all times, gentlemen.

If you have a question about a cut, color, or treatment, feel free to call us for a hair appointment at Tell: 6737 7813!


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