14 Simple Home-care Tips To Make Your Hair Soft and Silky

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14 Simple Home-care Tips To Make Your Hair Soft and Silky

14 Simple Home-care Tips To Make Your Hair Soft and Silky

14 Simple Home-care Tips To Make Your Hair Soft and Silky

21 Oct 2021

Hair that is thick, silky, and glossy is an indication of healthy hair. Silky hair is not something that everyone is born with. If your diet is unhealthy or if you use hair products that are not designed for your hair type, your hair may become dry and brittle.

When the natural oils generated by the scalp are unable to keep moisture in the hair, it becomes dry and harsh. Here are a few lifestyles and hair care adjustments you may make to get smooth, silky hair.

1. Select hair care products that are appropriate for your hair type. When purchasing shampoos and conditioners from professional hair salons, always consider your hair type in the first place. The hair care product's formulas have been determined based on the hair type, which may be oily, dry, sensitive, or damaged.

2. Avoid shampooing your hair on a regular basis. Shampooing your hair every day removes excess oil. Rather than that, consider shampooing twice or even three times a week. If your hair is greasy, you can experiment with dry shampoos. Shampoo the scalp alone, avoiding the tips.


3. Always finish with a conditioner. Never neglect to condition your hair for 2-5 minutes and then rinse it out after shampooing. Conditioner should be applied just to the tips of the hair, not the scalp or the full length. Conditioners aid in the retention of moisture. Reduce static electricity between hair strands and may provide some sun protection.

4. Keep your hair moisturized on a regular basis. If you have dry hair, wait at least one hour before shampooing without oiling it. You may use any oil that is beneficial to the health of your hair, such as coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, or argan oil. Massage the scalp with oil is particularly beneficial for dry scalp. If your scalp is greasy, apply hair treatment cream just to the strands and ends of your hair, avoiding the roots.

5. Make use of hair masks. Utilizing hair masks once a week will assist in retaining the oil in your hair. Apply one of the homemade hair masks listed below, let it on for one hour, wash it off with shampoo, and then condition your hair.

  • Egg yolks and avocados together

  • Avocados with bananas

  • Gel of aloe vera

6. Avoid shampooing your hair with hot water. Hot water dries out the hair. You may wash with either lukewarm or cold water.

7. Rinse the conditioner well with cold water. After conditioning, finish the hair wash by washing with cold water to remove the conditioner.

8. Experiment with hot oil treatments. Gently massage any of the oils into your hair for a few minutes, such as coconut oil, olive oil, or castor oil. Hair should be tied back and covered with a shower hat. Wrap a towel soaked in hot water around this. Maintain this position for ten minutes and then shampoo and condition your hair.

9. Occasionally, make your own conditioners. After shampooing your hair, you can use any of the following items as a conditioner:

  • Applesauce

  • Cider vinegar made from apple cider

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10. Avoid excessive use of hot instruments. Hair straighteners and hot air hair dryers strip your hair of its natural oils and can cause hair damage if used often. Avoid such hot equipment and use them sparingly. Before using heating equipment on your hair, use a heat-protectant.

11. Steer clear of certain hairstyles. Certain hairstyles, such as ponytails and the usage of tight hairbands on the forehead, might cause harm to your hair. Hair should be tied loosely, not firmly.

12. Keep your hair out of the sun. When you're outside in the sun, cover your hair with a scarf.

13. Trim the hair. Trimming the hair once every three to four months helps reduce split ends and promotes healthy-looking hair.

14. Make dietary modifications.

  • Supplement your diet with omega-3 fatty acids found in fatty fish and flaxseed oil.

  • Consume foods that are high in iron, such as beets, dates, beans, lentils, spinach, and jaggery (replace sugar with jaggery)

  • Consume foods high in biotin, such as eggs, spinach, and almonds

  • Include citrus fruits in your diet, such as oranges, Indian Gooseberries (Amla), and limes.

  • Get vitamin D naturally by spending a few minutes in the sun in the early morning hours. Consume foods such as yolks from eggs, mushrooms, and seafood.


If none of the aforementioned home treatments succeed in making your hair smooth, silky, and healthy, consult a skin specialist or dermatologist. They can diagnose and treat any medical issue, such as nutritional deficiencies, that may be causing your hair problems.

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