How to Find Your Perfect Red Hair Color?

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How to Find Your Perfect Red Hair Color?

How to Find Your Perfect Red Hair Color?

How to Find Your Perfect Red Hair Color?

16 Jul 2022

As anticipated by many, the color of 2023 appears to be any shade of red. As seen by some of your favorite celebs, it appears that red is currently one of the most favored hues. Here are some guidelines for choosing a color that complements your skin tone!

Red on Fair Complexion

If you fall into this group, consider yourself fortunate, since brighter tones suit your skin well. In other words, you would have no problem sporting fashionable hues such as grey or blue. Regarding red, the idea still remains true. Choosing lighter, more natural hues like strawberry blonde, copper, and red sand. These tones of red hair will also enhance your brown eyes and provide warmth to your facial features if you have brown eyes naturally.

Red on Medium Tone Complexion

If your skin tone is medium, you will discover that tones of auburn and warmer colors offer your skin a healthy boost. We advise avoiding purple-based hues because they have a propensity to make skin seem yellow. Consequently, if you're seeking for a style that sticks out, this may be a wonderful direction to investigate! If you are still not persuaded, only consider Lisa!

Red on Dark Complexion

And then, I f you have darker complexion, the darker or brighter the red, the better! Dark purplish reds with rich color will enhance your skin (think dark burgundy or red-violet), or you may go for a bright coral or fire engine red to highlight your features. Just look at how great she looks in that red!

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