Pravana The Perfect Blonde Purple Toning Conditioner (325ml)

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Pravana The Perfect Blonde Purple Toning Conditioner (325ml)

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Apply to hair that has been shampooed Pravana Blonde Shampoo shampoo. Comb through. Leave on 2–5 minutes. For deeper color deposit and conditioning, leave on longer. Use every 2–3 shampoos for consistent, lasting color enhancement. Please note, chemically treated hair will take color more intensely. Consult your stylist or colorist. Product should be promptly rinsed to avoid staining to hands, clothing or bathroom fixtures.

• Banish Brass forever with The Perfect Blonde Purple Toning regimen from the brand the knows color

• Utilizing a special dye to beautifully tone hair you will

• Kick Brass out of your hair with The Perfect Blonde made for Blonde, Silver or Highlighted hair.

Product Information

It is a lightweight conditioner that provides vital moisture and nutrients without weighing hair down. It leaves the hair soft, conditioned, easy to comb and notably shiny.